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分类置顶 [New Cross Event][Function Intro]----Qualifying attachment  ...234 COTK-Chen 2019-5-10 304178 GenXu 2021-1-13 23:40
分类置顶 [New Version][Cross Event]Come Here To View and Know World War! attachment  ...23 COTK-Chen 2019-1-3 253585 GenXu 2021-1-13 15:35
New Forum Rules - COTK Team attach_img COTK-Nancy 2015-4-17 010489 COTK-Nancy 2013-4-19 13:41
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Huge Rewards Within Your Reach! Come to Enjoy Them! attach_img New COTK-Chen 3  days ago 010 COTK-Chen 3  days ago
Four Great Events Are Waiting For Your Coming! attach_img COTK-Chen 2020-10-17 3532 jamessw 4  days ago
These Events Are Only Prepared for Merger Players! New COTK-Chen 4  days ago 125 hobbitsmith5 4  days ago
Surprised Bonus With Login Comes Now! Don't Miss It! attach_img  ...2 COTK-Chen 2020-7-26 16499 shopplans 4  days ago
Three Amazing Events Are Waiting For Your Coming! Enjoy Now! attach_img New COTK-Chen 4  days ago 045 COTK-Chen 4  days ago
Have a Routine Maintenance on Mar.4th! Take A Break! attach_img New COTK-Chen 4  days ago 010 COTK-Chen 4  days ago
Higher The Mine, More Saves And Richer Rewards! attach_img New COTK-Chen 7  days ago 425 sheeraz 5  days ago
COTK Server Mergers S110+S112 on Mar.4th 2021! New COTK-Chen 5  days ago 021 COTK-Chen 5  days ago
New Server Players Can Join This Wheel of Fortune! attach_img New COTK-Chen 5  days ago 019 COTK-Chen 5  days ago
Quickly Take Part in Mall to Exchange for Rich Resources! attach_img New COTK-Chen 5  days ago 015 COTK-Chen 5  days ago
Recharge for Bonus Will Come Soon! Don't Miss It! attach_img New COTK-Chen 6  days ago 151 globallsubwayD 6  days ago
New Server S121 Players Can Only Join This Recharge Mall! attach_img New COTK-Chen 6  days ago 011 COTK-Chen 6  days ago
Come And Fight in World Map for More Food! attach_img New COTK-Chen 6  days ago 07 COTK-Chen 6  days ago
More Heroes Are Prepared for You in Recharge for Bonus! attach_img COTK-Chen 2021-2-23 281 paulwalkers 7  days ago
Two Reborn Heroes And Image Cards Are Waiting You in Wheel of Fortune! attach_img COTK-Chen 2021-2-26 126 minion89 7  days ago
If You Want More Purple Liegemen, Please Join Draw Liege! attach_img COTK-Chen 2021-2-26 125 minion89 7  days ago
Awakened Zhu Rong Will Come Again in Login Bonus! attach_img COTK-Chen 2021-2-27 123 minion89 7  days ago

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