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Creating text: the secret of the six thinking hats

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Creating text: the secret of the six thinking hats
Very often when creating a text we need new ideas,criticism, approval or just an outside view. However, people are not alwaysable to clearly express their position and attitude to our work. This islargely due to the fact that a person evaluates everything comprehensively, inthe aggregate. The technique that we will PayForEssay examine today is avery powerful lever in this regard, because it allows us to look at things fromdifferent angles and to see many details that are not visible to the complexview.
The Six Thinking Hats Method is also known as the deBono Method. It was invented by Edward de Bono and contains at its core theidea of parallel thinking. In other words, this method suggests looking at aproblem (in our case, text creation) from different, but well-definedpositions. A problem can have several solutions, and the method of six thinkinghats allows us to see them all.
How to use the method of the six thinking hats
The de Bono method can be used both by one person andby a group of people. In a group, this method works more effectively. Moreover,using this method in a group eliminates the confrontations that can arisebetween people with different types of thinking when solving the same problem.
There are a total of six hats. Each of themcorresponds to a different type of thinking:
White Hat: Facts and Information
By wearing the white hat when creating a text, you arehighlighting only the facts and the main idea. Everything else is non-existent.The white hat makes it possible to see the value andsaturation of your material with information.
In scientific texts, this is called highlightingtalking points: brief, to the point, just the basics. The white hat is logicand analysis, comparisons and conclusions.
Red Hat: Emotion and Intuition
Someone who wears a red hat approaches the evaluationof a text from the side of intuition, feelings, and instincts. Whatassociations does the text evoke? Does it evoke a sense of contrition in you?Admiration? Inspiration? Outrage? Enthusiasm?
The red hat is your audience's first reaction to yourtext and, therefore, the first impression, which, as the English say, cannot bemade a second time. That's why the red hat is worth paying special attentionto.
The black hat: a critique.
One of my all-time favorite hats. The twist of it isthat whoever wears it looks for flaws in the text, and the more they find, thebetter. Inaccuracies, inconsistencies, problems, negative consequences-allthese are ruthlessly pulled to the surface by the black hat.
Its main positive quality: You will find flaws in yourtext before your readers do. In fact, it hardens your text, makes it strongerand more durable, and that's worth a lot.
Yellow Hat: Benefits and positivity
The yellow hat is the complete antithesis of the blackhat. Its wearer looks for only strengths in the text. For the yellow hat thereare no disadvantages, there are only virtues, and the challenge is just to findthem.
The yellow hat's strongest virtue is that it will leadeveryone forward in any situation, even if everyone else is stuck in the wildsof a creative crisis for a long time.
The green hat: new ideas and creativity
Creativity is a very big value in copywriting, and notonly in it. New ideas i need help with my history homeworkcan be drawn from a variety of sources: brainstorming, past generations ofexperience, etc. Whichever way you choose, you will find a conceptually new wayby wearing this hat.
The green hat is designed to generate new ideaswithout analyzing them. There are other hats for that. So, no flaws, no doubts,no criticism: the green hat is complete freedom to fly ideas!
Blue Hat: General Plan and Control
As you have already noticed, all of the previous fivehats take on only a certain segment of the thought process. In other words,they are responsible for only part of the work. The blue hat gathers theseparts into a unified picture.
If you are working in a group, the blue hat controlsthe team and directs the work process. If you are thinking things throughalone, wearing the blue hat systematizes what you have received by wearing thewhite, red, black, green, and yellow hats.
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