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Food is vital important in wars. Besieging city can make the target city in lacking of food. Besides, generals have to withdraw troops without food even if soldiers have high morale. In the war time, a lot of stratagems are made according to food, and food is the key of many wars. Food is stored in winter, is sowed in spring, grow in summer and is collected in autumn. It circulates in the four seasons. You will harvest a lot if work hard.
[How to unlock]
Available after players reach Lv.80 and research Country Tech
[Function Interface]
Click “Granary” in Activities

After unlocking the function, if it is not in winter, it will display the interface below until next winter. The function has to begin from winter.

Before the countdown of winter is over, players can gain seeds through occupying cites. Players can get a seed once occupy a city and gain corresponding sowing times in spring. Seeds cannot be gained if the times of occupying cities reach times to occupy cities. Players can check the times of occupying cites and granary stock at granary interface.

Before the countdown of spring is over, players can consume slivers to sow and gain some EXP. Each time players sow successfully, the progress bar +1, and cannot sow any more when the progress bar is full. Players can check current sowing progress and food that can be produced each time as well as the food stock in granary.
Summer is the period when food is growing. Players can see the countdown of food maturity and current food stock in the granary.
Before the countdown of autumn is over, players can collect food into the granary and check the food quantity produced this time and food stock at the interface. The produced food can be stored in the granary only at the time when the King or Grade 1 officials collect it. When the granary is full, players cannot collect more food.
After the King or Grade 1 officials put food relief, players who have unlocked the function can enter “Dispense” at Missions to check relieved food and claim food.

1.The Tech can be researched only when Tech Works reach Lv.2 or above.
2.If players did not sow in spring and there is no food growing in summer, the interface will display “No grown food, because country member did not sow in spring”.
3.When collecting food in autumn, only the King and Grade 1 officials can collect, so the collect button can be seen only by the King and Grade 1 officials.
4.Please claim the food in “Dispense” on time. The food will disappear when the countdown is over.

All data above are only for reference, please take the in-game as precedence.


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Why I don't have this function ?
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