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It'll create NBA 2K21 games intriguing

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Yo I actually dig the shooting, and mt nba 2k21 I would say I've been a fairly below average shooter in the past 2Ks. This one I drilled nearly all of my receptive corner 3s. I was the best at shooting that I've ever been in 2k20, but today after taking a rest for a while idk if I suck in 2k21 or only suck at shooting . Reminding me of willie caulie stein throughout the 2k20 prelude last year. I was looking for this remark hahaha people we phoning him Wilt Chamberlain. They better not fumble that tote on following gen. They probably are if we're being truthful. Oh boy if they do can you envision, it be the end of 2k if we started off next gen using a trash game. It will not be because folks will whine like every other game and then buy the next release just like nothing happened.

It is likely to be the same lmao. People might buy it. It's the same shit every year and people keep trying to find reasons why it won't be. I discovered that when I got cold after taking up all of the shots, my whole team got chilly also. We had been running up the floor with the entire team on ice hockey, though nobody else even took a shot. Makes sense though, bc if you've obtained a ballhog taking all the shots, everybody else is gonna be out of rhythm.

Probably not gonna be hot, but I'd rather you shoot 20 percent from downtown compared to 80%. Andy'all want to gut a skill gap in the name of"realism". There is no meaningful skill gap with jump shooting . You have a green window or you don't. Green window produces a skill gap. This sport bouta be really trash lmao. I don't find any reason to purchasing it unless you can not get an upgraded console. I don't even get why next gen would be a fantastic reason for it. I haven't looked into it but assumed it'd be different compared to ps4/xbox 1 version. I probably was not going to get it though. I really don't see why it'd be. Better graphics maybe. Possibly a few more features, but they will probably just be tacked on garbage. It'll sell all the same, so don't expect anything.

Probably. I recall what they attempted to perform whenever the ps4/xbone came out and the new gen version was a different game. I don't have any idea if it will stick to the exact same subject, but I wouldn't purchase this version until I understand what the one round the corner is gonna be. I mean 2k14 was a massive step up on the newest consoles compared to the previous ones. I'm buying it because I'm getting an upgraded console.

If I purchase next gen just, regular will cost $70 alone therefore it makes more sense to buy this way. Plus I can play MyTeam early for a few months. I really don't play MyCareer, only MyTeam but occasionally play Play Now or Playoffs when folks come about. And folks will buy it all the same. Didn't realize I only had 5 matches, created a stupid number of builds, tested most and hated themused up my 5 games. Yeah 5 NBA quick games. You are able to create 6 MyCareer assembles per accounts. 2K enables 5 profiles linked to a single system. So if you used up your 6 builds, make a new psn and you're going to have a different 6. Its so great to see another meme in the legend himself. Its been a while since I have seen memes from you. Much valued man thanks for the support also. Okay so buy nba 2k21 mt coins the shooting is a known issue. I'm just turning off the lever once the game comes out btw.

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