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All in one Emotional Support Animal - 2021 Guide

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Emotional support animals (ESAs) are on the rise over the past several years. The reason is not a recent rise in mental health problems but only the recent awareness about it. People suffer from mental health difficulties just like they suffer from physical ailments. But since we cannot usually see a direct physical effect due to the mental illness we have been and we tend to ignore it.  

Mental health problems are just as serious as physical ailments, as they can render a person unable to lead a normal life. However, with an emotional support animal letter and travel, you can assist yourself in doing away with the mental problems that you face through the constant companionship of your pet animal.

Pet animals and animals in general have been known to provide a catharsis for people with mental difficulties. They tend to have a calming effect and tend to help people forget about their worries and be themselves. These qualities have made various pet animals an important part of the households.

There are millions of cat and dog owners in America and most of these animals are household pets. These numbers are increasing as more and more people realize the benefits of having a pet animal around.

Getting an Emotional Support Animal Letter (ESA letter)

For Emotional Support Cat the letter is provided to an applicant by a licensed mental health specialist, allowing and prescribing the person to have a pet animal as an emotional support animal for their emotional and mental well being.

The esa letter for housing states that the person is suffering from mental and emotional difficulties. It is important for the person to be in the constant companionship of the pet animals, for the said person to feel supported, normal, and at ease.

You can acquire the ESA letter in two ways:

  • Getting the ESA letter from online services:

To get the ESA letter one of the fastest yet reliable methods is to use an online ESA letter service. These services get you in contact with licensed mental health specialists who access the applicant’s condition online through various questionnaires and assessments. If the assessment deems the person’s mental and emotional state can be helped by having an emotional support animal then the letter is provided.

  • Getting the ESA letter in person

Getting the ESA letter in person can sometimes take more time than the online process, as you have to attend several sessions over a long period. Only after that, you will be deemed to have an ESA if you are eligible.

Laws Surrounding ESAs

The laws surrounding emotional support animals are there to help the person with the Emotional Support Dog to be in the constant company of their companion pet animal. These laws are put in place to help these people and give them an opportunity to feel normal even in situations that are not suited for their condition. Such a situation is anxiety-inducing air travel.

The Air Carrier Access Act of 1986 allows the pet animals to accompany their pet owner inside the passenger compartment without anyone barring their way or stopping them from getting on board. The airline carriers can stop the boarding of a pet and its owner if there is no emotional support dog letter shown by the owner of the pet.

The Fair Housing Act bars the house and apartment owners from discriminating against people with ESA pets. With an ESA Letter, you can bypass the unlawful no-pet policies and make sure that you stay inside the house with your beloved esa letter animal. Moreover, the owner cannot charge you extra fees for having pets as well.

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