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RDI Detailing. Ceramic Coating Vancouver

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RDI Detailing. Ceramic Coating Vancouver
What do you need to know about ceramics before applying it to a car?
1. What happened?
I often get calls from clients who want to cover the body with ceramics, but do not know what it protects against, how many layers should be applied and why the service should not be cheap. There is a lot of information on this topic on the Internet, but it is not always reliable. Therefore, I decided to answer the most frequent questions of customers about ceramics here, in case someone would be interested or useful.
RDI Detailing. Ceramic Coating Vancouver
2. What is ceramics?
This is a composition that is absorbed into the varnish and protects it from chemicals and reagents. Something like impregnation for suede shoes.
3. Why is it needed?
After the ceramics, the car will shine, repel dirt and water. The body will become less dirty and easier to wash at the sink.
4. Isn't it easier to process a wheelbarrow with wax?
No. Wax and ceramics have a similar effect. The difference is that in summer wax should be applied once every two months, and in winter — once every two weeks, and ceramics — only once a year. The latter is not only easier, but also more profitable for the car owner.
5. Will ceramics protect against chips and scratches?
No, it's a myth. Ceramics — from chemistry and reagents. Only polyurethane film will protect from chips, scratches and other mechanical damage. Remember this, even if you are offered to make 10 layers, which supposedly will protect you from everything.
6. So, ceramics will not protect from cobwebs on the sink?
If the owner will wash the car using two-phase technology, then there will be no cobwebs. If the washer dries the body with a rag with sand, then scratches will appear regardless of whether the car is in ceramics or not.
7. How many layers should be applied?
Each ceramic has its own recommendations from the manufacturer. Depending on this, I apply one, two or three layers of composition to the body. Further — there is no point, because after three layers the varnish ceases to absorb ceramics, and it does not benefit.
8. And I heard that some do 5-10 layers.
This is a divorce for money. This is the same as smearing your hands with cream more than three times. This is of no use, because the cream is not absorbed into the skin. So it is with ceramics. The master will collect all the extra layers with microfiber, which will polish the composition. That is, the ceramics for which you paid the money will remain not on the body, but on a rag that will be thrown away after work.
9. Do I need to polish the body before ceramics?
Necessarily. There are two reasons: aesthetic and chemical. First, it is necessary to remove scratches from the body so that it shines better. Secondly, there is an oxidized layer of varnish on top of the body, it must be removed so that the composition is well absorbed.
And if the car is new?
Too. Firstly, the car could have been scratched during transportation. Secondly, if he was standing in the showroom, then the body was wiped with rags to remove dust. In my experience, about 95% of new cars are already scratched.

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