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ultrasonic sonochemistry machine

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Since the advantages of ultrasonic cleaning effect so good, the ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ultrasonic cleaning machine can be used to wash the dishes? The answer is yes. There are ultrasonic dishwasher on the market. The principle of ultrasonic dishwasher and ultrasonic cleaning machine is exactly the same. If used in the restaurant dining room large clean room, such as ultrasonic dishwasher can also be single slot. How groove type and multi type two options. More groove can be equipped with dry system, can clean for many times.
The effect of ultrasonic cleaning bowls? If it is a large-scale cleaning, it is recommended to use more slot, such cleaning effect will be better.
Cleanness in mold factory plastic shell is very important, because ultrasonic cutting machine there is no customer wants to see the delivery of the product is dirty. Is usually a large plastic shell products. If artificial cleaning, is not only inefficient, but cleaning effect is not ideal, cleanliness is not high to let customer satisfaction. And plastic shell if multi slot ultrasonic cleaning machine, the effect is very good. As the name implies, slot ultrasonic cleaning machine with multiple slots. According to the degree of cleaning can have many many times cleaning tank cleaning and rinsing. Finally it can also be dry or rotary dryer. If you are using a dry, you may need to make fixture.
More slot ultrasonic cleaning machine especially suitable for cleaning of large plastic shell, high efficiency effect is good.
Ultrasonic cleaning machine is the customer * indicators, the ultrasonic dispersion machine efficiency of the average of 50 w - 2000 w, it determines the quantity, size, and the effect of cleaning items. So ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturer indicators are also very seriously, in the laboratory, laboratory, research institute, medicine institute and other scientific research units, and clocks and watches of small glasses, jewelry and other units, the use of power is not large, (typically below 500 w); And mechanical and electronic industries (such as: gear, bearing, engine cylinder, screw, oil pump, nozzle, electronic circuit board, diamond, etc.) the use of industrial washing machine, general power mostly used in the market at about 500 w to 2000 w; Aerospace, surface treatment, hydraulic components, pharmaceutical and other industries use power will be greater, generally is composed of 1000 w and 2000 w as the basic unit, stacking up by roughly around 2 kw, 10 kw, sometimes using more powerful ultrasonic cleaning line equipment or automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine.
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