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ultrasonic spray nozzle

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Ultrasonic cleaning machine by the generator to start to start ultrasonic spray nozzle the car. Each ultrasonic cleaner engines are equipped with special grounding line, to avoid water and corrosive (inflation) level of contact. This can be very good. To avoid leakage, please connect ground wire according to the safety requirement. The main specification:
Ultrasonic cleaning machine USES incombustible detergent. Please do not use flammable or explosive substances as cleaner. Must ensure that the use of the device away from flammable and explosive substances. For the material, you must be consulted to confirm security company and take appropriate safety measures;
2, Electric control box and related electrical components, etc. Be careful not to splash water, and away from water vapor, corrosive gas, dust, etc.;
3. No liquid or liquid level in the cleaning trough deficiency can cause ultrasonic handheld welder irreversible damage to the equipment. Must ensure that inject enough amount of washing liquid tank, otherwise may damage related to electric heater, pump and ultrasonic vibrator. Could lead to fire and personal injury;
4. When ultrasonic cleaning machine is abnormal, please do not hesitate to contact our company or stop the power supply, by experienced professional electrician check;
5. Clean the artifacts should be hung a laundry basket with feet or hangers. It should be given to clean the water tank. Prohibit the workpiece directly into the bottom of the tank cleaning, otherwise may damage to the workpiece and the bottom of the tank;
6. When ultrasonic Ultrasonic nano dispersion cleaning machine is working, there may be high temperature, high pressure, the charged electrical components surface, the transmission mechanism motion, pressure fluctuations and other factors, may cause personal injury. During the work do not open the enclosure to avoid unprotected. Work under
7. The captain of the ultrasonic cleaning time when not in use, please release cleaning fluid, dry inside the groove and the surface, and film protection, prevent the equipment corrosion and aging speed;
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