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ultrasonic generator driver

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Know about ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic frequency is an important index of ultrasonic cleaning machine choice, because it decides the cleaning effect of cleaning items. 20 KHZ - 80 KHZ ultrasonic cleaning machine can satisfy most commonly no special requirements of customers (such as: hardware, machinery, electroplating, diamond, clocks and watches, glasses, jewelry, etc). And the requirements of some special industries of ultrasonic frequency is relatively high, such as drug research, drug inspection, medicine industry and so on. Minimum to 10 KHZ, general requirement frequency are between 40 KHZ to 90 KHZ, up ultrasonic cutting machine to 1000 KHZ. But generally higher frequency could not unlimited, higher frequency can give a transducer with a tub of uf work and generator circuit has the certain difficulty. Some industries if have the advantages of high frequency requirements, you need to find a technical team and they have a factory consultation, to provide manufacturers of appeal, ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturer can design a set of cleaning solution separately for you.
In recent years the domestic industry washing machine are mostly adopted "lsi" (commonly used IBGT module). Some small low power ultrasonic cleaner is generally adopted "autonomous" circuit, high power is generally adopted "separately excited type" circuits. In 60-70 - s, the most commonly used is "tube" circuit, its characteristic is: power strong, stable performance, there are some users is still in use). But its shortcomings are very obvious: (1) and (2) the power consumption is too large (3) the line is complex, manufacturing complex (4) matching parts procurement difficulties and so on. This model has been eliminated basically.
In the early 80 s "tube" circuit is gradually replaced by the ultrasonic generator driver transistor circuit. The aircraft compared with the former obvious advantage lies in: (1) the volume (2) reduce the power consumption (3) to save the cost (4) to beautify the appearance (5) improve the efficiency of assembly and debugging. The emergence of the transistor circuit can be said to be a "revolution" ultrasonic cleaning industry.
With the qualitative change of science and technology shock, "transistor" and replaced by a new circuit in circuit. After entering the 90 s various digital circuit impact ultrasonic cleaning industry rapidly. One of the most prominent is the application of large scale integrated circuit, ultrasonic cleaning industry of a "technological leap". Most current domestic ultrasonic cleaning industry are also used in the circuit.
Ultrasonic wave described above are mostly based on the ultrasonic ultrasonic metal welding cleaning machine products, it is worth mentioning: ultrasonic thickness meter, ultrasonic flaw detector, ultrasonic edm leak detector "does not belong to the ultrasonic wave, such as family, should be categorized as" detect ultrasonic "series. And "ultrasonic mill", "ultrasonic biochemical instrument", "ultrasonic punching machine", "ultrasonic deburring machine", "ultrasonic carving machine", "ultrasonic cleaning machine, and other products, while also falls within the scope of the ultrasonic wave, but because of the transducer are" cone ". With the ultrasonic cleaning classes are very different, the product market is the "cross", but each plays a different role.
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