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ultrasonic sonochemistry machine

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Frequency vibration signals of ultrasonic generator is declared, spread by high frequency mechanical vibration transducer converts to medium, in ultrasonic cleaning fluid density and radiation forward, make the liquid activity occurring in the course ultrasonic sonochemistry machine of tens of thousands of fine bubbles, exists in the liquid in the fine bubble vibration under the effect of the acoustic field, when the pressure reached must value, bubble growth rapidly, then the closed, the shock wave in air bubbles when closed, damage the insoluble dirt and make them loose clean liquid, solid particles, from, and then to clean a appearance purification purposes.
Industry: degreasing derusting of all kinds of spare parts processing, measuring instrument cleaning, such as automotive engine oil removal derusting, antirust oil removal, the train car parts degreasing derusting and rust, etc.
Surface treatment: metal material surface activation treatment in addition to the polishing paste and derusting degreasing before plating, and so on.
Other industries: light-sensitive materials manufacturing, paper making, some liquid food category defoaming (remove dissolved air).
Water distribution (such as dye methylene blue staining), ultrasonic ultrasonic dispersion machine will apply in the water, under the action of ultrasonic cavitation, and the dye will be attached on the paper, take out the paper washing dry, observe the dye pattern, the background of the sound field distribution, if uneven distribution of coating on the sound field is not uniform, such as cold place.
Ultrasound can bottle can be used to verify ultrasonic ultrasonic dispersing machine cavitation capability, the color changing time is proportional to the ability of ultrasonic cavitation IAHCSMM reeducation and training manual (2006). According to tank volume, the measurement can bottle placed in different positions, to observe the color change of time. This method is intuitive, simple, and is a qualitative measurement.
Directly inserted in the solution, which can be quantitative detection of ultrasonic energy intensity and ultrasonic energy density distribution. In practice, the above method can serve as their means of monitoring the department, cut both ways. Ultrasonic cleaning machine is only part of the cleaning process, and our goal is to guarantee the quality of cleaning, therefore, the establishment and optimization of the process and the conformity, is also essential.
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