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Ultrasonic emulsifier machines

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Due to the principle of ultrasonic cleaning is cavitation effect, the ultrasonic emulsifying machine main performance verification is to validate cavitation effect, the purpose is to see whether there is a sound field strength inside the cleaning trough blind spots. There are a lot of ways. Here are some examples for reference.
(1) Aluminum foil corrosion method ultrasonic cleaning machine performance verification
20-30 microns thick aluminum foil on the scaffold, vertically within the cleaning trough, don't run into the bottom. Machine start after a period of time, from different parts of the aluminum foil surface corrosion degree can indirectly reflect the depth of the ultrasonic intensity is uniform. If you want to detect ultrasonic intensity distribution in horizontal direction, the aluminum foil can be placed. Manufacturer of manual >, 1 inch square (6.45 square centimeters) light spot is a cold spots.
This method is intuitive, simple, but it can't quantitative detection, error is bigger. Under the condition of loading equipment is difficult to test, may react with alkaline cleaner. Sometimes the whole thing will fall, so set the ultrasonic time.
(2) The sliding irrigation
Coated glass with a HB pencil, every week 3 minutes with Ultrasonic emulsifier machines ultrasonic cleaning clean. Record the result IAHCSMM re-education and training manual (2006). The method is simple, but it can't quantitative detection, error is bigger.
(3) Ultrasonic cleaning machine performance verification starch potassium iodide reaction method
Starch processing into photosensitive emulsion, besmear is on glass slide, under ultrasonic container containing dilute iodine solution. Under the effect of ultrasonic cavitation, iodine and the reaction of starch to blue, led to the glass color. The slides to wash and dry, through the observation of the glass color area, concluded that the distribution of sound field. This method can make up for the defect of aluminum foil damage in aluminum foil corrosion method, but not for quantitative detection.
(4) Staining method
Water distribution (such as dye methylene blue staining), ultrasonic ultrasonic extraction cbd will apply in the water, under the action of ultrasonic cavitation, and the dye will be attached on the paper, take out the paper washing dry, observe the dye pattern, the background of the sound field distribution, if uneven distribution of coating on the sound field is not uniform, such as cold place.
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