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sonicator homogenizer

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As a hospital operating room, supply room, disinfection center and scientific research units and pharmaceutical factory is one of the necessary equipment, the laboratories of the ultrasonic cleaning machine has the advantage of:
1, Good cleaning effect many * equipment have the features sonicator homogenizer of small surface uneven, blind hole, using steam cleaning, high pressure water jet cannot clean, and cavitation of the ultrasonic cleaning machine can accelerate instrument surface membrane dissolved, cleaning effect is better and more thoroughly.
2, High washing efficiency, the traditional cleaning * devices, usually to instrument soaking enzymes, manual scrub and rinse, time-consuming and laborious, and manual operation is difficult to ensure the quality of equipment cleaning, and the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine is very convenient, the instrument soaking enzymes after cleaning fluid, more directly into the cleaning tank, put away cleaner, set temperature, time can be automatic cleaning, high efficiency.
3, Health security, ultrasonic cleaning machine is a kind of non-pollution equipment, in the process of cleaning will not produce the problem such as electromagnetic radiation, to clean the whole need not hand touching, eliminate secondary pollution; For medical personnel can isolate the instrument of residual bacteria and viruses, to protect medical staff safety and health.
Ultrasonic cell crusher adopts the automatic and manual ultrasonic molten metal foot (or selected) working mode; The precision of ultrasonic power can be 1% continuous adjustable; Transducer is small in size, light weight, can do trace sample in your hands, also can do it on the mounting bracket.
Ultrasonic cell crusher is made up of frame, vibration table, bowl ultrasonic spray nozzle and the material of bowl clamping device. Organizations, equipped with a motor drives the eccentric shook vibration table. Shaking table is equipped with a bowl, bowl with hammer rings, each a piece, are all made from manganese steel. Material is sealed by compressive bar pressure. When sample preparation the release lever, will wash bowl off cleaned, and then put feeding ultrasonic welding transducer bowl the processing of the sample space, cover the pot cover, pressure lever. Open power supply, make the material of bowl strike ring blocks and collisions make material sample pieces, general grinding time about 2 min, turn the power off, stay slewing stationary, take out the material sample, in addition to iron bagging.
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