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water filling machine

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Paint and coating product need to use suitable for liquid filling machine to accurate filling the tank or other container. Because of the high paint and coating is sticky, so they need to be able to handle these products of liquid filling machine and other packaging machinery.
Liquid filling is part of the packaging production line, its juice filling machine automation model to maximize the efficiency. There is no such equipment, filling process and less reliable, filling is not enough, would be no product loss. Technology progress make many components in the filling machinery automation and sequencing, more reliable when using, many of them accept completely customize the model design. Paint and other similar types of liquids is designed to be adhesion sex of high viscous liquids. Therefore, you must use the liquid filling machine and other packaging machinery, the machinery in the processing and packing of the products at the same time effectively can endure its chemistry. Appropriate use of liquid filling machine can prevent coating accumulation in the packaging process and other adverse effects on the properties of products.
Viscosity is liquid packing the nickname, viscosity is water filling machine defined as the measurement of fluid flow resistance. It describes the movement of internal friction of the fluid. With high viscosity of the liquid (such as sugar or molasses) can prevent movement, because of its molecular composition of its internal causes a large amount of friction. Low viscosity fluid (such as water or corn oil) easy to flow, and the molecular composition in sports is almost won't produce friction. Viscosity required for packaging users, computing mathematics too much, and you can use special equipment for the most easily measured. However, a simplified formula for measuring the viscosity is as follows: viscosity = shear stress Beverage packing machine and shear rate. Usually in centipoise (CPS). The water is 1 CPS standards. The viscosity of the liquid products such as the honey is 2000-3000 CPS. Condiments such as ketchup or mustard viscosity is 50000-70000 CPS. In the packaged goods (CPG) world, viscosity will affect the speed of liquid products through pipelines, or drying time and solidification time. Needs to be fluid distribution in its packaging. When choosing liquid packaging machine, the details of the viscosity of the products is crucial, must be accurate. Viscosity determines the type of the products used by filler: it must provide appropriate force to cause flow, but not too big, so that the excessive packing will fill.
Filling temperature of the liquid products of packaging project is water bottle packaging machine very important, especially when the product filling. After heating, most liquid product flow more easily. Describe frost or oil by heating of consistency; Its viscosity significantly reduced, and become more free flow. In order to provide the most effective liquid packaging machine packaging solutions, must provide accurate filling temperature.
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