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faux ficus tree

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Economic and technology outdoor ficus tree is the foundation of the country strong, but the powerful at the same time, we also cannot destroy our environment, energy conservation and environmental protection is the premise of sustainable development of a country. Energy conservation and environmental protection has now spread to the world, in this context, the construction industry is inevitably become the forefront of the new industrial revolution. Reformers in the idea to try to break the bondage of the past, will be skilfully into the concept of green building, the designers of "green" bold imagination, and with the development of technology and ideas to change ceaselessly, the plants and clever union, simulation of plant wall construction. Simulation of plant wall at present in our country is very widely used, indoor plants from the restaurant wall is dressed up, to movie theme restaurant is dressed up, from property wall, fake ficus tree indoor and outdoor plants to landscape, is the simulation plant wall used frequently in these places. The simulation plant walls and buildings neatly together, not only introduce the building decorates the fashion trend of internationalization development, has the indoor air fresh, increase the oxygen content in the air, adjust air humidity, precisely because so loved by many businesses. Wall can be used for wall scenery simulation plants this approach not only conforms to the modern, the pursuit of green is also an innovative measures
With the progress of green technology and the requirement of ecological city is more and more intense, the wall greening form is becoming more and more diverse ways and more and more advanced, the wall greening specific points, what type? 【 balcony afforest 】 : an outdoor balcony and sill is floor space. In the balcony, windowsill planted vine, potted flowers and decoration, not only make the top elevation of the building has a green ornament, but also as a green power and vase decorate the doors and Windows, added the living environment of the angry and aesthetic feeling. Balcony afforest way also is varied, such as above can direct the green vines to the balcony, windowsill constitute a green screen; Vertical downward can form the green power (also can be attached to the wall to form green wall). Application of plants, can be a, biennial herbaceous plants, such as morning glory, niao carrots, peas, (also available perennial plant, such as honeysuckle, tendril rose, silk ficus tree money, grapes, etc.); Flowers and trees, miniascape is variety.
Choose wall first see whether the purpose: want to interior space production plant wall, about your purpose, then decided to do the simulation plant wall or ecological plant wall. If you just want to decorate a wall, but don't want the price is too high or don't want to spend too much energy to do, can consider the simulation plant wall. If you hope to improve the indoor soft adornment aesthetic feeling and purify indoor air, improve faux ficus tree the indoor environment, can choose custom make ecological plant wall completely. Simulation of plant simulation plant wall 】 【 wall USES the true plants to decorate wall, using true plants close to real plant sex, to achieve the result that is similar to the real plant wall, even achieve true plants cannot reach effect, to meet the people in the pursuit of natural effect. People according to the different environmental requirements, designed the different shapes, strewn at random discretion, environment harmony wall body modelling, through elaborate design, can achieve actual effect. , simulation of plant wall does not need maintenance, easy to express the design effect is distinct, the cost is low, the effect of change.
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