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fake ficus tree

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Simulation of plant wall is more artificial banyan trees and more common, and in many public places we can see the figure, as the key is that the simulation effect is very good, if you don't watch carefully, even thought it was really plant wall. Why wall can be enjoyed by all, simulation plants cultivated flowers and plants can't compare with the simulation plant? Or why can wall and load simulation plants flowers and plants plants than? 3: most simulation plants is not high, the price of the transportation is convenient, migration easily: the need to change the design, rearrange the dispatch, can change different atmosphere. Appropriate home environment to purify the environment, and durability. Four: good extension, low carbon environmental protection, green plants carving key raw materials are: plastic products, silk, polyester products, arts and crafts resin clay, dispatch made of material such as concrete, in addition also use a metal rod, glass tube, blow molding paper, filaments, decorative paper, balloon flower, this kind of materials are environmentally friendly or environmental pollution. Because of the ductility of material can collaborate very aspect ratio, shape of entity model, and insurable evergreen plants, the binding of ascension. Image lifelike, vivid and interesting, can fully and load of flowers and plants.
Stories about the decoration pollution more and more in fake ficus tree recent years, and most of the pollution sources are from the decorative material is not up to standard, decorate is essential, but if because choose wrong and cause the body is damaged, so is not worth it exactly how to avoid this kind of thing happen? Indoor household soft outfit rookie -- Lin heart root simulation green plants appear solved this difficult problem of the wall, even in decorate sales scene appeared on the market, then the simulation plant wall what charm? The current trend of the development of the industry as a whole wall art, simulation plants wall is for rapid development, can be said to be in the home improvement industry rookie, decorated with wall simulation plants do not only rational use of space and beautify the environment, every day live in a green environment, life will faux ficus tree be better. If you ask me what kind of decoration materials, forest root process will tell you no heart, only better, as the simulation plant wall at present is not adornment material, but when you put more energy and technology after it will be better products, also for a products that meet the market development trend, we pursue is not only the current interests but the long-term development.
Plant color expression is large ficus tree varied, it not only from their various parts show different color, but also with the change of the light, seasonal climate, show different color effects. Landscape planning to express alive natural atmosphere, to create the obeys the law of nature plant landscape. Colour performance parts of the plant color in their stems, leaves, flowers and fruit. Stems and leaves are ornamental plants period long positions, and flower and fruit ornamental period is relatively short, so the branches and leaves should be as the main factor of plant landscape, flower and fruit as a secondary factor. Many plants, often because of the flowers and fruit with lovely color, much attention has been paid in the planning and design to do not destroy whole layout under the condition of use carefully. In a general layout, only in specific situations in a few special color green plants, flowers only appropriate in certain areas of plant. At the same time flower maintenance cost is also a question worth considering.
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