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artificial coconut palm trees

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Because of the flowers open more than ten days and a half months, less then two days, three days suddenly looks fade, can only become instant recall, cleaning and maintenance of trouble. The emergence of artificial flowers and application, meet the requirements of the people of ornamental flowers timeliness, to extend flowers of life.
Artistic value of modern people to yearn for, silk cherry blossom tree the pursuit of the art of living, the pursuit of comfortable and comfortable, artificial flowers has greatly improve on qualitative material, pure manual computer spectra, printing pattern. Of artificial flowers and simulation squiggles, with the same name with polymer resin produced stem, leaf, flower, specially in the bright used after surface treatment and the surface of the fog. On the use of material with paper flowers, dampened, flowers, silk flower, lace flowers give priority to, wheat package. In the field of the floral design, artificial flowers occupy very important one annulus, widely used in the business world.
Green environmental protection
Artificial materials mainly include: plastic products, silk products, polyester products, also useful materials made of resin clay deployment, in addition to use metal, glass, blow molding paper, filaments, decorative paper, ribbons, these materials are free from contamination or pollution is small. Because of its special material elastic can cooperate with height, the shape of the model, and insurable evergreen, breakthrough the limitation of the real thing. Image lifelike, vivid and lively, can fully and planting flowers and plants.
Affected by the environment, office use air artificial coconut palm trees conditioning, mostly small edit public indoor light is often not enough, so in the room to be good a plant is not an easy thing, but artificial flowers can easily achieve this the colour and lustre of artificial flowers and plants, can keep fresh for a long period of time, four seasons will not decay sere like planting flowers and plants.
Prospects for development
Artificial flowers production technique is very exquisite, delicate, lifelike. Such as the thickness, color and texture rose petals, almost with real flowers. The blooming of African chrysanthemum also sprinkle drops "dew". Some sword flower decorative palm trees flower tip had crawled on one or two bugs. There are some tree haitang, natural stump is used as the branches, made from silk flowers, appear vivid, lovely.
Artificial flowers are used to beautify the home, can also be used in a large hotel, museum, supermarket, stations, public decoration decoration, according to the report, nearly 50 years, emulation flower in the world has formed a large-scale industry, the United States, France, Germany, and economically developed countries, such as the Netherlands, the simulation flower sales increasing year by year. Domestic outdoor palm trees simulation obtained rapid development, Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen and other places have a large number of export products. On March 16, 2005 Beijing international tourism souvenirs and arts and crafts fair, the country has 71 simulation people enterprises exhibitors. Its sales have dig out of the historical record.
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