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artificial grass panels

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Admittedly, "thing and heart melts," habitat and parataxis. Historically, sentient beings are preferred colourful flowers and plants trees, because they are a living individual nature, emerge a prayer with me in the flowers, I have a flower in my unity state. But there still exists "false true true and false, nothing had also have no" related links. We love flowers at the same time, also for the development of artificial flowers large palm trees for sale this handicraft provides a broad space, attracting more and more people to enjoy. This as rockery fake water will also outline "aoyama faint water all the way, the autumn jiangnan grass not enthrall" artistic conception.
Nowadays, modern reinforced concrete building in the city of skyscrapers, people enjoy the natural space is more and more narrow, people feel dull and depressing. In this noisy cumbersome urban people began to seek close nature green decoration. And the emergence of artificial flowers, there is no doubt that leads to the good nature of the link is established for the people. Collision extrusion artificial flowers in production will use the wire, easy to deformation, so the usual to be stepped up with deformation processing, in order to achieve higher ornamental value. Dust treatment as long as the fixed one, two weeks can blow the cold wind blowing, if leaves were heavier pollution, can use brush with neutral detergent or artificial flowers dedicated immediately wipe gently cleaning fluid can look brand-new.
Simulation HuaFen handle, colloid, silk flower material, artificial grass panels such as general wholesale market for single flowers, potted flower art is relatively rare. From the production area is mainly the two production base.
When the flowers at first, most people will be shocked, because their living has reached the highest state of simulation flowers, they seem just picked from the fields, not only in the rain, wind and frost with the fragrance of the field, their color more make you dizzy, has the effect like painting, put in the home, as well as enjoy a three-dimensional painting. New Japan simulation flowers too, do not have true nor a dust is artificial plant wall panels changeless, general simulation flower flower stem can bend, Mosaic petals can be arbitrary crimp, kneading, but no damage from a glimmer of material itself. New Japan simulation flowers every part of the stand will ponder, truly embodies the "simulation" 2 words, to make the simulation flower looks more beautiful than flowers, more style, this is inseparable with Japan's advanced production technology.
A pot of plant height of 40 cm simulation faux grass wall butterfly orchid, production costs are less than 15 yuan, the market price of 300 yuan of above, the international market that cost up to $95. A pot of plant height of 45 cm small single flowers, production costs are less than 10 yuan, the market price of 280 yuan of above, the international market price for $80, and is very popular, very popular.
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