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Store pos machine: some modern stores settlement counter USES the computer interactive terminal equipment, customers by operating the touch screen that can print out the marked with name and price of the goods payment. Businesses can take interactive panels for education advantage of the full screen video image on the terminal product promotion, and customers can also according to their own need to query the goods.
Tickets to self-service ticket machine is: use the touch screen query reservation system, can be showed on the screen reserve the seat and the effect of the position match, after confirmed the seat, put the credit card in that can complete the booking process in the system.
KTV jukebox: video music on demand in store have take picture of song, the first video music and karaoke song, can through the touch screen to select the content. Some video and music on demand machine for choose interactive touch screens education game software, just touch the screen the interesting games to play, such as the professional touch product research and development, production, sales and service of the touch screen computer company, its touch screen is widely used in Europe and Korea racing, gambling, game consoles and other game related industries.
Financial transactions: in financial transactions, the speed and accuracy is very important two factors. Touch the use of query machine provides users with easy and rapid processing means of rapidly changing information, users make judgments digital interactive whiteboard according to display content, and then by tapping the screen to complete the decision, therefore, allows users to concentrate on the deal.
Public information query service: touch interactive panel board the application of the most common query machine, such as,
A. query and real estate sales: the ERA of online real estate information network via touch screen kiosk in public places to provide various real estate information to users, it's from the whims of the buyers, but also provides a nationwide real estate main advertising opportunities.
B. post queries and calls query: the post office and also digital touch screen board provide all kinds of queries using the touch screen system to the public telephone office, including for postal services, telecommunications, business inquiries, zip code and the long-distance telephone area code query, store business queries, etc. The southern district of Beijing, for example, the post office has adopted HuanXing touch-screen information desk for the public service of the company.
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