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With the popularity of smart meeting all-in-one, all-in-one smart meeting today has become a new office equipment companies and companies to purchase.
Main functions:
1, High-definition screen
Compared with traditional projector or electronic face recognition identification kiosk whiteboard, all-in-one meeting on display, it USES high-definition LCD screen, high resolution, image smooth, color bright, clear, even under the environment of high brightness, still clear picture without off color.
2, Touch by hand
Smart notation, support powerpoint, word and other office software, can use dry or a finger on the screen directly writing conference contents, some even can meet the requirements of people at the same time writing. Touch screen, do write, erase, amplification, narrow, mobile content, real-time response, precision rapid response.
3, Remote video conference
Compatible with a variety of remote conferencing software, with a camera, real time, without delay, high stability, meeting real-time scene, realize the long-distance meeting face to face, let the long distance as well as under one roof.
4, Screen more interactive
Meeting all-in-one can in consultation with the platform facial recognization camera control terminal equipment such as computer, wireless voting screen can be realized without using the wires, the meeting can be realized with tablets, smart phones, flat screen more interactive, easy file transfer, improve efficiency, ensure efficient meeting.
5, Code share away
After the meeting, has modified or approval needs to be saved to the file, you can save the file after on board in an organic whole, to generate the qr code, the use of mobile phones and gently sweep to keep synchronous mobile terminal, or meeting content to sending mail.
6, A key screenshots
Whether in use meeting PPT, PDF, all-in-one temperature screening kiosk explain notation form, text, or browsing the web, can use the screenshot tool, the interception of important content, save images, but also a key to personal emails, business information service in a timely manner.
7, A variety of sizes
Meeting all-in-one currently on the market by 55 inch to 98 inch size, can choose the size of various, meet the needs of the different area of the use of.
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