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small geared motors

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Geared motor is generally used in low speed torque transmission gear reduction motor machine, ordinary electric reducer can have several gears to achieve the ideal effect in the same laws, small gear and small gear tooth number ratio, is the transmission ratio. Reducer industry has been developing constantly, more and more equipments to the reducer.
Geared motor function has the following several aspects:
1. Reduce speed and increase the size of the output torque force, the proportions of the torque output by the motor output rate by reducing, but must be careful, can't exceed the speed reducer rated torque, otherwise may damage the reducer.
2. Reduce speed as well as to reduce the load moment of inertia, moment of inertia of the decrease of reduction ratio of the square.
The low power of the geared motor can do 0.5 W, 3 v voltage, micro reducer reducer diameter of 3.3 mm, with small size, light weight, low noise, gear and durable, long service life, large torque and speed range is larger, reducer is now small geared motors widely used in the field of in the field of intelligent household, medical equipment, automobile industry, electronics, intelligent robot industry, household appliances, personal care tools such as scenario;
1. Intelligent household areas: general application in the automatic curtain, automatic intelligent of the robot, family type flip trash can, electronic, automatic shutter door, home video machine, drying machine, intelligent clamshell toilet, etc.
2. The robot industry: generally used in robot voice interaction, children education robot, sweep the floor machine, robot, intelligent robot adaptability, independent motor, intelligent medical robot project.
3. Precision medical equipment industry: widely used in brushless gear motor the insulin pump gear box, smart fluids flow controller, intelligent motor, African hand massage massage shoes, minimally invasive linear cutting anastomat, self-congealing knife in equipment project such as gear box motor.
4. The car drive field: widely used in automobile tail door motor, electric window-adjusting motor, electric draw stem and pull the tail door motor, car headlights, car wiper motor, rearview mirror adjustment, skylight regulating motor, car drive components, such as electronic parking brake system.
5. Electronic products and personal care devices: widely used in mobile phone front-facing camera rotation motor, beauty instrument, nano hydrating instrument motor, electric toothbrush, automatic curlers motor, smart mouse, intelligent electric rotating yuntai electrical items such as equipment products.
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