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Low Rpm Electric Motor

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Gear motor has three categories: dc gear motor, gear motor synchronous and asynchronous gear motor, dc gear motor is dc can be converted into mechanical energy (dc motor) or can convert mechanical energy into direct current (dc generator) the rotation of the motor.
According to its USES can be divided into motor and generator, but Micro Gear Motor there are other special purpose motor, such as automatic control system as an executive components and general transmission driven by torque motor, etc. Fixed inside a circular permanent magnet dc motor, the current through the lauren produced by the coil in the magnetic force on the rotor, when the coil with parallel to the magnetic field on the rotor, turn again by the magnetic field direction will change, so the rotor at the end of the brush to convert alternating contact, thus the direction of the electric current on the coil change, loren magnetic direction remains the same, so the slowdown motor can maintain a direction with the widely application of the silicon controlled rectifier power and profit, is no longer USES the dc generator in many fields, but to further expand the application range of the dc motor.
In some areas, such as vacuum metallurgy industry and no ac Low Rpm Electric Motor power grid and the flute to dc), direct current generator still has a certain position. The structure of the dc motor: main pole, commutating pole, stand, brush device, motor commutator, the armature iron core, the armature winding and rotor, shaft, dc motor excitation mode: dc motor excitation mode, shunt dc motor, series dc motor, dc motor in the compound.
So how to choose and buy!! ?
First which is the comparison of the four series reducer, reducer in the work of cent, although plays the main effect would be roller, but we are still not able to ignore the quality of the speed reducer, and so on have four series reducer strong, its quality is guaranteed.
Followed by abrasion resistance, in the process of transporting Gear Reduction Motor goods, slow opportunities for various reasons, and appear wear away, and in the wear serious, the speed reducer is likely craze makes it can't be used normally, but fortunately, four series reducer machine has abrasion resistance, avoids such a problem.
Very after an advantage is the economic utility of four series reducer, due to the reduction of raw material item itself is very cheap, so when such raw materials as reducer, also can appear is so affordable and practical.
This is four series reducer compare to other machine of decelerate of raw materials do not have advantage, so you can choose to use such a kind of reducer, believe the pick will is right, because of the four series reducer will bring you more convenience.
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