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High Torque 12v Dc Motor

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Deceleration motor called gear motors, are modular combination, 12 Volt Motor With Gearbox at the same time the output torque, 6 (output synchronous speed 1000 RPM), 8 (output synchronous speed 750 RPM), so through the gears or other institutions such as cycloid motor droop down, and the output of the motor speed or torque can meet the actual requirements, the most commonly used the four pole motor, the equipment is used in speed is generally small, motor, the higher the number, the more expensive, general motors is commonly used 4 (output synchronous speed 1500 RPM), is the combination of reducer and motor.
Reducer is a kind of transmission, is generally used in low speed high torque transmission device, the principle is the electric motor, internal combustion engine, motor, or other high-speed operation of the power, through the input shaft of the High Torque 12v Dc Motor reducer on less number of teeth on the gear engagement output shaft of the wheel, so as to achieve the aim of slowing down; Is the ratio of the size of the number of teeth on the gears, gear ratio. Reducer is a kind of the closed in rigid casing of gear transmission, worm drive and gear - worm drive composed of independent components, commonly used for the original reduction drive device between moving parts and working machine. Between the prime mover and work machine or actuator has a function in matching speed and transfer torque is widely applied in modern machinery. Reducer according to different can be divided into single-stage and multi-stage transmission series reducer round shape can be divided into cylindrical gear reducer, cone gear speed reducer and cone - cylinder gear wheel reducer; According to the transmission can be divided into the expansion of decorate a form, shunt type and with the shaft speed reducer.
After the 200 ~ 300 hours of continuous operation, should be the first oil change, and should be regularly check the quality of the oil in the later operation, about mix impurities or change of oil must be timely replacement. In general, Vending Machine Motor the speed reducer for a long time have homework according to work 5000 hours or once a year to replace the new oil for the standard, the speed reducer and stopped for a long time, should replace the new oil before operation from scratch. Reducer should add the same oil and the original trademark, recommended not to mix the oil with different brands but the same brand but different viscosity oil allow mixed use
Oil change wait for reducer cooled down when no burning danger to stop, but should still adhere to the warm, because when thoroughly after cooling oil temperature, oil viscosity, oil drain. But it is important to note: to block the transmission power, prevent inadvertently electricity
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