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12v High Torque Motor

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Gear motor is refers to the speed reducer and motor (motor) the integration of the body. This integration can also often called the body gear motor or gear motor. Usually by professional reducer factory, integrating after assembled, and motor one complete set of delivery. Medium reduction motor manufacturers have advantages and share with your gear motor.
Gear motor for the use of the overall effect can be, 12v High Torque Motor so the gear motor is itself has more features, and these differences to a certain extent, also determines the usage scenarios of the gear motor is a state of diversity. Then take a look at what are the characteristics of the concrete.
Positive and negative
Positive &negative performance, oil inlet channel and migration channel is symmetric to each other. And the aperture is complete, then that is in the use of the gear motor, whether it is the use of or against the use effect is exactly the same, this need not too entanglements which side is positive, side is opposite.
Outside using leak oil hole
General gear motor adopts is leaking oil hole, the leaked Planetary Gear Motor oil hole outside using there are two main reasons, the first aspect is the gear motor oil return again is a back pressure, and the other one because of the gear motor used in positive and negative when the oil and oil return cavity will occur some changes, although the positive and negative performance, but this change can also lead to the gear motor in the use of it's easy to appear problem, so it had better use the leaked oil hole, so that we can protect the shaft end seal is not bad.
Use of rolling bearing
Use of the rolling bearing is more, the reason for this is 24v Gear Motor in order to can reduce friction, make startup performance better.
Main show is for axial clearance self-compensation plate and floating side panel structure, because the entire gear motor is to adapt to and reversing. The performance of the work is the same, so the whole gear motor center symmetry is necessary, at the same time trapped oil unloading groove must also be in gear motor is a kind of symmetrical structure.
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