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white marble mosaic

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First of all, natural stone (natural granite, natural marble, natural jade, natural quartz, natural basalt, etc.) of radiation values, are less than the national standard:
Marble belongs to sedimentary rocks, mainly composed of Parallel Shaft Gearbox white marble slabs carbonate rock mineral composition, marble from home outfit form the address of the analysis, the formation of natural marble are directly associated with radioactive material no. So no radioactive harm to human body.
First from the price of two kinds of stone material has high DeDang not tactically, because ceramic tile is good on the surface of the glaze, glaze under the body of the main soil burn becomes, do not have gloss and rich color and natural texture, so ceramic tile aperture is common approach is to use the seam an agent. The seam an agent or a blend of the nature of all kinds of chemical composition of colloidal substances, as long as it is ageing is the inevitable result of glue, and because of the different thermal expansion coefficient and brick, time is long will still be aging, fall off. And shop sticks white marble mosaic ceramic tile, owing to the bad specification and manual errors of uneven belong to normal phenomenon. And natural marble component are the same, even wear to only a few millimeters, the color, luster, also like surface texture, so the natural marble in the shop, the user can choose to do after the completion of mirror with stickers, lens face processing can get rid of installing the discretion of the generated when the shop is stuck in the minor error, after grinding, polishing, aperture processing can make the whole ground as form a smooth polished mirror! So called mirror processing. And can be repeated many times, even after years of using scratching or a heavy knock against small gap, can be achieved through the mirror processing if brightness is new!
Marble processing belongs to the non-renewable materials. Every pietra gray marble piece of marble is different, plain, natural texture and luxurious texture is the value of natural marble is big, collected in natural marble, each piece of each are not identical, similar color and texture only, not completely the same. And the country is have strict standards for natural marble, according to the radioactive level is divided into A, B, C three types, and provides only A class can be used in indoor decoration, as long as the purchase quality qualified marble, radioactivity is very low, is completely harmless to the human body. Poor quality low price can't buy without safety certification.
Say that artificial marble, quality qualified artificial grey marble slab marble, while toxic, but almost negligible, there is no impact on health, but inferior artificial marble contains a lot of poisonous and harmful material such as formaldehyde, heavy metals, the serious influence our health. Artificial marble has advantages: design and color is more than natural, it is not easy to be broken, seamless splicing pattern splicing place can do. Disadvantages are: small surface hardness, wear-resisting, design and color is more rigid, appear level is not high.
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