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In life for one who sets his mind on it, must have found all Marble Granite Price kinds of stone processing technology, the stone material of different background wall processing method can produce different adornment effect, there is no cooked bad practice, just not suitable for yourself, today the marble processing factory with everyone know about the various processing methods will produce what different stone performance effect:
1, The polishing process
The stone material surface polishing, surface mirror effect, high gloss, have the feeling of grandeur. Many large shopping malls, large exhibition hall will adopt this kind of stone material processing technology. Stone decoration can adopt this way processing of stone, marble, granite and limestone.
2, Inferior smooth process
The stone material surface treatment is White Marble Slabs smooth, low grinding, low gloss, a diffuse reflection effect, feel more plain nature. General bedroom of kitchen and toilet or balcony can adopt in this stone setting wall processing of stone, he can create more family's feeling, blend in nature of human life.
When selecting a marble ambry, we must have a look at the size of marble material, avoid affect Z end joining together, or may cause splicing patterns and pattern after deformation, lead to Z will decorate effect didn't we imagination of so beautiful, marble manufacturer must especially pay attention to when choose.
Meals are like of landscape painting in the table, Marble Projects marble surface texture like jade, bright color, easy to clean, anti-pollution, antibacterial, health non-toxic, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, resistance to impact, is a lot of families choose furniture. 1, stone decoration has the characteristics of deformation, high hardness and of course the marble table also has these advantages, and it also has a strong resistance to wear.
As is known to all, the window is where the indoor Z close White Marble Mosaic contact with the outside world, it will often under direct sunlight, it will be affected by the erosion of the rain. If home use wood window, long is easy to crack, mildew. Stone house with a very good waterproof sunscreen function, several years later still can coruscate its charming luster.
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