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Components and functions of the case making Machine

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Automatic case making machine applicable for makingthe outside hard case for the cigarette box, liquor box, comestic box,electronic box, sweet box..etc
Rolled edgepart: The role of the rolled edge part is to press out several lines ofcardboard for easy forming.
Cutting cornerpart: It ismainly divided into knife holder, blade, and anvil. The role is to cut off theexcess paper at both ends of the tongue.
Trimming part: mainly divided into the upper andlower two semi-round steel trimming knives. The function is to cut off theexcess paper edge. But now basically not used.
Two-axis knifeholder: The main purpose is to make the width of the slot in the middle verynarrow.
Pre-pressurewheel: alsocalled the crushing wheel, a pair of metal pressure wheels installed directlyin front of the slotting knife. Its main purpose is to adjust the pre-pressureof the carton line to facilitate the molding of the carton and prevent the wirefrom bursting.
Generallyspeaking, a certain pre-pressure and line speed can be better achieved bypower.
Productionshould pay special attention to the details of the process.
1.Explosion-proof crushing wheel: the gap should be less than half of the thicknessof the cardboard to avoid breaking.
2. Pressingwheel: according to the principle of not crushing, the gap is about half of thecrushing wheel.
3. slottingknife: the gapbetween the upper and lower knives is about 3mm, and the gap between the paperclips is about 5mm. The upper or lower seat is covered with the sponge toprevent slippage.
4. Trimmingknife: the upperknife and the lower knife contact 6-10mm or more, should be verticallytogether.
Reprinted fom ST Machinery – “Componentsand functions of the case making Machine


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