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id for sell tired of heyshell service "talking truth athur "

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for the highest bid , i am selling this my id because tired of heyshell lame team ,and low respond also nothing for their mistakes makes my interest in this game gone,even they ignored my complaint and juga said keep playing

id = ry4i7
server = s12-s14   shu

my id detail :
1. my vip now vip 11 already ,also have 400 point still can convert to gold in my account

2. the highest level right now in my server,my level 119 and also the no 1 rank in server

3. init the highest also in my server

4. have all the special ladies gen (except sun shan siang that still not out yet) and also have cao2

5. totally have 123 liegemen now ,and have many 2 and 3 star purple liegemen

6. all purple equip in my 5 gen all 4 star already ,and have 42 more equip with 4 star in my bag ,also with 5 super tringket already, 3 super slotted +18 and 2 super lantern +23 with 1 super slotted already open hidden skill lvl 5 unit (have open my bag until 52 space)

7. my horchrux all lvl 10 the lowest ,and have some in lvl 14 high enough(only charge still at lvl 4,dunno what it used for )

8. all 4 train slot already open for gen leveling fast

9. trial tower already at the highest level and finish already (such lame from heyshell,nothing more to do in trial actually)

10. armament all in the max level sama as my id level, with opening all 36 star forge also(have all the horcrux) win 2 lvl 13 gem , 3 lvl 12 gem and 1 lvl 11 gem (have lvl 8 gem in bag waiting also)

11. have 4 suite ready for used anytime needed, dragon , tiger , beast , and divine suite








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yo bro, already sell or not ?
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