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New Forum Rules - COTK Team

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Edited by COTK-Chen at 2016-3-28 15:20

Dear players,
Recently, the management of forum is a little problematic. To change this situation and provide better service, we decide to make new forum rules and build a premium communication environment. Therefore, please read the following rules before posting. The COTK has rights to take the measures listed below towards unqualified posts.
1.Edit, review and delete unqualified posts.
2.Move unqualified posts out of its section.
3.Lock unqualified posts.
4.Refrain users of unqualified posts from posting or freeze their accounts.
At the same time, we will have more staff manage the forum and provide better customer service for you. There are four official accounts below, who will help you as soon as possible when you are in need.
*The account Athur will not be available in the future.
1.Details of forum rules
⑴All players must obey the forum rules and those who post are treated as players who have read and agreed with the rules.
⑵If you have any questions towards the forum management and operation, please contact us through these ways: post in the section of Suggestions and Feedback, send private message to the staff.
⑶The rules are to be followed by all players without exception. We also welcome players to report on those who disobey rules.
⑷The COTK has rights to change the forum rules according to necessary conditions.
2.Guidelines for post
⑴Please go to the section of Suggestions and Feedback if you want to ask questions, seek help or report on unusual incidents.
⑵Please go to the section of Game Discussion if you want to communicate with other players, share experience, discuss problems or make friends.
⑶Please go to the section of Bug Reports if you want to report on bugs and offer advice.
Note: please post while meet requirements above. If you accidentally post on wrong section, it may take some time before we find it.
3.Unqualified posts
⑴We forbid posts that jeopardize country security, social stability or break laws.
⑵We forbid posts concerning politics, nations and ethnics.
⑶We forbid posts concerning feudalism, reactionary or lack or morality.
⑷We forbid posts with text, pictures or video links concerning violence, sex and other uncivil contents.
⑸We forbid posts concerning any kind of discrimination such as ethnics, nation, region or gender discrimination.
⑹ We forbid posts that include advertisements of BOT, Trojan, virus, private server, bugs.
⑺We forbid posts that have links, contact information, elements of other game or commercial contents.
⑻We forbid posts of personal attack.
⑼We forbid posts concerning trades of buying or selling accounts, stuff or currency.
⑽We forbid posts with fake, misleading and terrifying contents.
⑾We forbid posts that attack or insult forum staff or GM.
⑿We forbid posts concerning other players personal information.
⒀We forbid posts that include any impermissible advertisements.
⒁We forbid meaningless posts and comments.
⒂We forbid posts that have been sent for numerous times.
⒃We forbid posts that attack the COTK.
⒄We forbid posts using insulting language.
1)Move to another section
Include but not limited to the following condition:
Posts that fail to follow the guidelines
2)Notes of deletion
Include but not limited to the following conditions:
⑴Posts with forbidden contents.
⑵Posts with contents that do not fit into its section.
⑶Posts with meaningless contents, with only numbers, letter or symbols.
⑷Posts that have been post for numerous times.
⑸Posts that change other players profile without permit.
⑹Posts concerning trades.
⑺Posts concerning contact information such as QQ and MSN.
⑻Posts with personal attack, insulting language or provocation.
⑼Posts with misleading contents.
⑽Posts concerning unproved rumors.
⑾Posts concerning players’ personal information such as account, ID, password.
⑿Posts concerning advertisements.
⒀Posts concerning screenshots or contents of other games.
⒁Posts with contents that other players cannot to read normally.
⒂Posts sent by players who use others’ account.
⒃Posts with cursing contents.
5.Notes of locking
Include but not limited to the following conditions:
⑴Post sent half month ago without comments and appear again.
⑵Post whose comments have digressed from the theme.
⑶Post with provocative contents and influence other players.
⑷Post that have been reviewed by the forum staff.
⑸Post concerning arguments.
6.Notes of forbidding posts and accounts
Include but not limited to the following conditions:
⑴Posts breaking the forum rules will be forbidden and users who cause great damage will be banned.
⑵After GM’s warning, those unqualified posts that still break rules will be forbidden.
⑶Those who keep posting contents that have already been deleted and have no intent to be corrected will be forbidden.
⑷Players who send unqualified posts by several accounts will be forbidden from posting.
⑸Players who insult or attack GM and forum staff will be forbidden from posting. Those who keep doing so after warning will be forbidden.
⑹Players who attack others, or insult others under fake in-game name will be forbidden from posting.
⑺Players who use insulting language will be forbidden from posting.
7.Rules of Forum Name
⑴Registered users are entitle with all rights in the forum. Users should not break national laws when exercising their rights.
⑵Users are responsible for their illegal acts in the forum.
⑶If the registered users’ forum name involves attack, insult, provocation, vulgar contents and advertisements information, they may face the possibility of being deleted.
⑷For players whose forum name is similar to elder player’s, the forum will admit the one that was registered first and delete the similar one.
⑸The forum has rights to delete players who constantly break forum rules.
⑹Players should not give away, lend or sell their in-game name to others under any circumstances. Consequences caused by such act will only be taken by individuals.
⑺If the user’s registration information is leaked due to network issue, the forum will not take any responsibility.
Please mark the origin and put “Repost”at the beginning of topic when reposting any contents in the forum. This will not only protect intellectual property but also make it convenient for staff to manage the forum. Otherwise, the forum is not responsible for any disputes of such kind.
9.Stick-outs and highlights
If you want your posts to be highlighted, mark at the end of your topic or send the link of your post through private message to forum staff.


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