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Why Email Marketing Is Important

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Email marketing is very important for business. And the best means of business communication is e-mail. There are many reasons why you need email for your business. Among them, there are 3 significant reasons:

Email marketing
Your own list
There are many social media platforms. Where you post regularly, other people engage with you on that account. However, your account may be deactivated at any time without notice. But the list you will have in the email is your own. No one can take that away from you.

Personal and customizable
When you post on any social media, it should be aimed at Poland Email Data everyone who is connected to you. But you can customize it personally in the email. You can email your listeners by name and specific subject. If you want, you can split some audiences and mail them together.

It can increase brand awareness

Social media is not the only platform where you can increase brand awareness. Having your customers' email addresses means they have some interest in your business. Email is your opportunity to further increase their level of interest. But that doesn't mean you email every customer every day. In this case, the level of customer interest will decrease instead of increase. Many companies want to sell products to customers but completely ignore the brand awareness factor.

There are several benefits of email marketing for which you should use email marketing.
You can target messages
After collecting the leads, they need to be fed. Your prospects are at different stages of the buying cycle. Some may be in the consideration stage, some may be in the research and comparison stage, and others may be in the ready-to-buy stage. Once you've created buyer personas, you'll know what content to create for which stage. By segmenting these customers into an email list, you can target customers very effectively. No matter what stage the customer is in, the customer needs to be informed in order to move on to the next stage. By reaching customers with targeted content, you can generate sales.

The price is lower
Email marketing is definitely cheaper than other forms of marketing. You can send your email to a large audience at a very low cost. Conversion costs are very low.

Measuring email marketing is easy

Email marketing

Most email marketing tools allow you to track what happened after an email campaign was executed. You can know delivery rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, click-through rate and open rate. This will help you understand how your email marketing works.

Reaching the customer at the right time
The study found that 54 percent of emails are opened from mobile devices. Most customers access their social media channels using mobile devices. A well-designed email has a much better conversion rate on mobile than any other medium.

Almost everyone uses email
Email is used by 91 percent of customers. You can reach many customers using email. Not only can you offer discounts, special offers and new products, you can also offer more. If they want, they can share or forward the email to others. A good email marketing strategy encourages other customers to share the offer.

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