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Mmoexp: Elden Ring Rune Farming Guide

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Elden Ring Rune Farming Guide
Runes are the lifeblood of progression in Elden Ring, used for leveling up, purchasing items, and upgrading equipment. Efficient farming of Runes can significantly enhance your gameplay experience, allowing you to Elden Ring Runes tackle tougher challenges with ease. This guide provides the best locations and strategies for Rune farming in Elden Ring, catering to players at various stages of the game.

The Best Rune Farming Location: Mohgwhyn's Palace
The pinnacle of Rune farming locations in Elden Ring is at the entrance to Mohgwhyn's Palace. Here, you can farm an astounding 40,000 Runes in just a few minutes. While this area is technically part of the path to Mohg, the Lord of Blood, the ease and efficiency of farming Runes here can be very distracting.

Utilize Environmental Events
Occasionally, you may notice Gold Leaves falling from the sky at night. This rare weather phenomenon boosts Rune earnings by approximately 5%. Take advantage of this whenever you see it.

Exploit Enemy Conflicts
In some areas, enemies will fight each other. Sit back and let them weaken each other before swooping in to Elden Ring Runes buy finish off the survivors. This method is particularly effective at locations like Castle Redmane.

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