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Mmoexp Elden Ring Runes: Other Notable Rune Farming Locations

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2. Other Notable Rune Farming Locations

If you haven't reached Mohgwhyn's Palace yet, there are several other efficient farming spots available throughout the game:

Trolls at Stormgate (Early Game): The trolls north of Elden Ring Runes Stormgate each drop about 1000 Runes. Despite their slow movements, they hit hard, so approach them cautiously. Take them down one by one to build a solid pool of Runes early on.
Castle Redmane (Early/Mid-Game): Located in Southern Caelid, this spot is unique because you don't have to fight directly. Fire-wielding knights and monstrous dogs battle each other in front of the castle. You can simply watch the carnage from a safe distance and collect 3000-7000 Runes with minimal effort.
Windmill Village (Mid/Late-Game): Dominula, Windmill Village in the Altus Plateau is filled with dancing locals who drop significant Runes when defeated. Clear out the villagers for approximately 7000 Runes in a few minutes. You can repeat this process after respawning them at the nearby Site of Grace.
Haligtree (Late Game): The optional Haligtree area is challenging but rewarding. From the Prayer Room Site of Grace, head north and backstab enemies looking out to sea. The footsoldiers and knights here drop 2000-3000 Runes each, with some even exploding themselves for easy kills. You can gather 40,000+ Runes in a few minutes by clearing this area and returning to Elden Ring Runes buy the Prayer Room.

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