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GM need to fix red and purple arm for some generals

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I found it is ridiculous funny when you have purple arm for certain general, it doesnt not make him stronger but it just makes the him weaker. Let me take an example. X H Dun. X H Dun normal only has 15% terrain bonus. With red arm, he gets 17% terrain bonus. With purple arm he gets 18% terrain talent. Then you awaken him. You get him 25% terrain bonus. Mathematically, if you awaken X H Dun, equip him with red arm will make his terrain talent becomes 27%. Equip him with purple arm, will make his terrain talent 28%. I "suspect" arm..will make awaken X H Dun will have his terrain talent reduce to 17%. Equip him with purple arm will make his terrain talent to 18%. So..i really suspect that this "WRONG ARM LOGIC" worked on some generals.

What i really want is :
1. Since i am only level 130 players..i need help from all high level players who has correspondent purple arm or red arm to check what is the effect on your purple arm to your general especially general with all terrain talent and specific talent like crit on Guan Yu. Check Z Chi and how his arm effect his terrain. Check S Jing and how his arm effect him. Check Guan Yu and how much awaken Guan Yu now has chance to crit after you equip him with purple arm. Check Awaken MaChao and what happened to him after you equip him with purple or red arm ( awaken MaChao should have 30% terrain talent...equip him with red arm should make his terrain talent = 32% and purple arm should make his terrain talent 33% ).

Many players complain about X H Dun become like banana after he got awaken...yes he would become banana if he only had 18% terrain talent after you awaken him and put purple arm on him.

2. Post your database about what happened to your general with purple arm here so what i "suspect" become the legit fact in game play. ( i dont have data since i dont want to awaken X H Dun and dissapointed after i awaken him, equip him with purple arm, and boom..he become a banana ).

I want all general to be treated like Sun Ce...who has fixed terrain talent bonus 27% with red arm..and 28% with purple arm since you got him doesnt care he is awaken or not.
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