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Weed seeds are the source of all cannabis plants.
The seed is the only part of a cannabis plant that can be saved and used to grow new plants.
There are many different types of weed seeds, each with its own characteristics.
Some common varieties are indica, sativa and ruderalis.
Weed seeds are the reproductive organs of a female cannabis plant. They are usually found in the female flower clusters, or "buds."
The seeds are usually brown or gray and have a hard outer shell. The shells contain a white interior that is covered in tiny, round resin glands known as trichomes.
There are three types of weed seeds:
1) Broad-leaf weed seeds 2) Narrow-leaf weed seeds 3) Hemp weed seeds
There are many different types of weed seeds that you can purchase. The different types of weed seeds will vary in their price, the amount of time it takes to grow, and the type of high that they give you.
There are three main types of weed seeds: indica, sativa and hybrid. Indica weed seeds produce a more sedative high while sativa produces a more energetic high. Hybrid weed seeds produce a high that is somewhere in between the two previous highs.

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