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[Events]Welcome Christmas---Wheel of twin beauty

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Lord and ladies, in order to welcome the forthcoming Christmas Day, bunches of events will be specially prepared for you to enjoy, during which the event of wheel for twin beauty Zhen.Ji and Diao Chan will also be included, what are you waiting for, just Come and join it!
Event.1 Welcome Christmas---Wheel of twin beauty
Wheel of Fortune is an event of chance.With fantastic prizes on offer, everyone’s a winner. And, it’s quick and easyto play. What’s more, you can get our special hero Zhen ji and Diao Chan
Simply log into the game and click the Event button, find Wheel of Fortune. Then spend 50 gold to start the wheel before collecting your prize. Each time you play, you’ll see a selection of items, randomly chosen.Winning really couldn’t be easier!
Duration00:00 12/13/2014 – 23:59 12/15/2014 (GMT +8)
When you roll the Wheel of Fortune, your free, daily chance will be used first. Then, your gold will be used.
When the wheel as stopped, you will be shown the rewards. Here you must claim your reward before you will be allowed another roll. You will be given the following options:
· Free Chances – Roll the wheel for free. Note player will get 1 free chance at 00:00 every day.
· Start – Spend 50 gold to roll the wheel. Note that gold will be deducted once you click start button.
· Claimclaim the item you get. Note that claim do not charge for gold.
1. Free chances will be given to players at 00:00 every day.
2. Lv. 70 is required.
3. Gold will be deducted if you have no free chances.
4. Claim will not charge you for gold.
5. Claim all the rewards before the event ends.

Event 2. Four Leaf Clovers—send lucky to you
Duration: 00:00 12/13/2014–23:59 12/15/2014 (GMT+8)
Servers: S1- S22
Required: Above Level 60
During this event, all the troops(including NPC and enemies) willdrop a Four Leaf Clover Defeat them and get their Four Leaf Clover and hope you can be lucky.
Players will randomly get a Four Leaf Clover if they defeat an enemy in the World map. Four Leaf Clovercan be converted into Festival Chests inthe “Events” icon. Open Festival Chests toget large amount of rewards.

The probability you can get aMagpie from the enemy: 70%
· Totally you need 550 Four LeafClover for 90 Festival Chests.

You are supposed to get one of the rewards from the Festival Chests.
1.You have to defeat the last row troop of the enemy’s hero to get a Four Leaf Clover.
2.Players need to claim the chests and chests will disappear after this event ends.
3.Claim all the chests before this event ends.
Hope you will enjoy this weekend.

Event 3. Siege city for million Food
Duration: Dec 13th 00:00 – Dec 14th 23:59
Servers: S1- S22
If you siege certain city during this event, you will get a big reward! You can claim lots of foods.
If you siege 20 city, you can claim 100k food
If you siege 40 city, you can claim 150k food
If you siege 60 city, you can claim 200k food
If you siege 80 city, you can claim 250k food
If you siege 100 city, you can claim 300k food
During this event, if you totally siege100 city, you canclaim totally 100k+150k+200k+250k+300k=1000k food
1. Siege city at the server competition is not recorded
2. Please go to Events in game and check this event.
3. Only win times reach the requests will be rewarded.
4. When you reach a requirement, you canclaim one of reward.

Event 4.  Weekend Gift

Event 5. Vip Month More Gift in the weekend
This month is belonging for Vip, we will send more reward for you


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Please give me diaochan or zhenji for. G.Jia map
My init 4850 and hard get G.jia not have special hero

CaoYung wu s15
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