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Flex Board PCB

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   Rigid flex circuit are a hybrid construction flex circuit consisting of rigid and flexible substrates which are laminated together into a single structure. Each layer of rigid-flex circuit are electrically interconnected by plated through holes (PTH), which is different from a flexible circuit with FR4/PI stiffener on top or bottom of flex circuit only by the means of presensive or thermal senstive adhesive only, no PTH.
    Rigid-flex board enjoy the advantage of both rigid FR4 PCB and flexible circuits. In rigid area, components will be soldered on, and whole board can be bendable at the flexible circuit area, so that to save space of assembly, make whole product into a small size but with tight trace designing.
   Also people don't need to solder the FPC on PCB, or connect FPC on PCB via connector, furthermore, that plated through hole interconnection is more stable, firm than soldering or connector. So more and more rigid flex board circuit has been widely used in both military and civil area.
Technical  Specification
Layers:1~10 (flex Pcb)  and 2~8 (rigid flex)
Min Panel Size:5mm x 8mm
Max Panel Size:250 x 520mm
Min Finished board thickness:0.05mm (1 sided inclusive copper)
Max Finished board thickness:0.3mm (2 sided inclusive copper)
Finished board thickness tolerance:±0.02~0.03mm
Material:Kapton, Polyimide, PET
Base copper thickness (RA or ED):1/3 oz, 1/2 oz, 1oz, 2oz
Base PI thickness:0.5mil, 0.7mil, 0.8mil, 1mil, 2mil
Min width/spacing (1/3oz):0.05mm/0.06mm
Min width/spacing (1/2oz):0.06mm/0.07mm
Min width/spacing (1oz):Single layer: 0.07mm/0.08mm
Double layer: 0.08mm/0.09mm
Aspect Ratio6:018:01
Base Copper1/3Oz--2Oz3 Oz for Prototype
Size ToleranceConductor Width:±10%W ≤0.5mm
Hole Size: ±0.05mmH ≤1.5mm
Hole Registration: ±0.050mm
Outline Tolerance:±0.075mmL ≤50mmFlex Board PCB

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