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Digital electronic menu as a medium of main equipment, as long as used in the streets of the restaurant, then what about digital electronic menu for restaurant optimization? 1. Attract the attention of pedestrians
Usually have a cafe, must be all kinds of food, and for thermal imaging camera the customer, they themselves are difficult to clear to choose which restaurant. This time will need us to help them choose! Obviously, if there's a restaurant at the door at this time in your side using the digital electronic menu, dynamic food show in front of you, whether can increase your chances of experience into the shop?
2. Bring convenience for the customer order
If attract customers into the dining room is the first step, then the next thing to do is to give customers good ordering experience. Is also mentioned in front, digital electronic menu can dynamically display the restaurant food, for some of the main product has a good effect. , of course, this is bring convenient for the customer on the other hand, in order to improve efficiency of customer order, order some restaurants also gradually using the self-service machine, customers can order, payment, to eliminate the complex line segment.
In recent years, the social and economic development is not very good, a lot of entity stores in artificial cost is high, the store rent is high, the product homogeneity, promotions is not enough, poor service quality problems. With the rapid interactive kiosk price development of mobile Internet technology, the retail industry ushered in the new change.
For store people, goods, the city has commissioned, the retail industry to provide more efficient, lower cost, better consumption experience requirements.
Stores into wisdom screen to interact with customers, through the little game to attract customers into the store.
Customers through wisdom screen choose goods, can see the specific temperature check kiosk details information, determine the needs, through the online order, this new approach, on the one hand, to help customers to complete offline experience, on the other hand can also attract customers in contact for more information on our brand goods and entity stores, promote more consumption.
Because traditional entity stores data information in this area is interactive whiteboard prices lack, the customer from the door and the choose and buy goods, no interaction, the whole process to make the customer lack of appetite, and wisdom stores through the cashier system to collect data to the customer's purchase information, timely companies to grasp the customer's interests.
Traditional entity stores is limited by the location, the product cannot be fully displaying, lead to display products limited. By wisdom panel can expand stores ping work, through the virtual shelves put on thousands of SKU, make it easy for customers to find the products you need.
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