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Precautions for Using plastic containers with snap lids

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Food Safety Has Always Received Extensive Attention from All Walks of Life, and Food Containers Are an Important Factor Affecting Food Safety. Improper Selection and Improper Use Will Cause Secondary Pollution of Food. This Article Introduces the Characteristics and Precautions of Plastic Food Containers for Your Reference. Convenient Selection of Healthy, Safe and Suitable Plastic Food Containers

Compared with Other Food Containers Such As Glass, Stainless Steel, Metal, Ceramics, Etc., Plastic Food Containers Are Lighter to Use, Convenient for Daily Carrying, and Have a Certain Tolerance, Not Easy to Break, Food Containers Are Transparent, So You Can See What's Inside, Easy to Find.
When Choosing a Safe Food-grade Plastic Food Container, You Must Read the Instructions of the Merchant, Choose Food-grade Pp Material, and the Pp Material is Also Polypropylene. It is a Thermoplastic Synthetic Resin with Excellent Performance and is a Colorless, Odorless, Non-toxic, Translucent Thermoplastic Lightweight General-purpose Plastic.
Pp Material Has Very Good Mechanical Properties. Except for Impact Resistance, Other Mechanical Properties Are Better Than Polyethylene, and Its Molding and Processing Properties Are Very Good. It is Almost Non-absorbent and Does Not React with Most Chemicals.

After Understanding the Characteristics and Material Selection of Plastic Food Containers, You Should Also Pay Attention to the Use of Plastic Food Containers in Daily Use, Pay Attention to the Following 5 Points of Use:

1. Heat in the Microwave
The Melting Point of the Food Container Made of Pp Should Be Above 220, and It Can Be Used in the Microwave Oven. the Microwave Lunch Box Made of Pp is the Only Plastic Box That Can Be Put into the Microwave Oven and Can Be Reused After Careful Cleaning. Special Attention Should Be Paid to the Fact That Some of the Lids Are Made of Silicone or Pe Material. for the Sake of Safety, Remove the Lid Before Placing the Container in the Microwave Oven, and Do Not Put It in the Microwave Oven Together with the Lid.

2. Clean in Place
Some Lunch Boxes, in Order to Ensure the Airtightness, Will Be Equipped with a Sealing Ring on the Lid. but Food Residue Seeps into the Seal Ring, and It Becomes a "blessed Land" for Mold. It is Recommended to Clean the Sealing Ring and Its Groove Every Time It is Cleaned, and then Put It Back on the Cover After Drying. Soap and Water Are the Safest for Plastics. Vinegar Works Well for Stubborn Stains, but Be Sure to Dilute It with Water So the Plastic Doesn't Wear Away. Acidic Products Can Affect the Color of Plastics, and if You Use Them a Lot, You Can Even Eat Them Slowly. Try Drying Reusable Food Containers Outside. Sunlight is Great for Releasing Odors and Can Dull the Look of Dull Plastics Bright.

3. Timely Replacement
The Service Life of the Lunch Box is Generally 3-5 Years, but when It Appears Discolored, Brittle, or Yellow, It Should Be Replaced Immediately.

4. Do Not Store Food That Will Accelerate the Aging of the Lunch Box
If Acidic Substances Such As Alcohol, Carbonated Drinks, and Vinegar Are Stored in the Lunch Box for a Long Time, It is Easy to Accelerate Aging. Therefore, if You Have Homemade Vinegar-soaked Peanuts, Bayberry Wine, Etc., Remember Not to Put Them in Plastic Fresh-keeping Boxes, You May Wish to Store Them in Glassware.

5. Use Pp Food Containers
If Your Food Container is Not Pp Material, and the Other is Other Plastic Products, then Please Throw It Away in the Trash Can Immediately and No Longer Use It. when Choosing a Safe Food Container, You Must Look for Pp Material

If You Already Have Plastic Food Containers at Home, Please Pay Attention to the Above 5 Points During Use. if You Do Not Know How to Choose, You Can Choose Food-grade Safe, Healthy and Durable Plastic Containers with Snap Lids at

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